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Please help me fix my nat type, i dont know what to do with the router settings etc because i have tried everything
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Well first off, what kind of router do you have?
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Nat type issues are always a pain I could never get mine opened on my xbox one, until my console was off for over a week, now you can always try setting your network settings to factory settings, changing your IP making sure that the ports xbox uses are open.

Contacting microsoft with further details, let them know what you've tried and what has not worked.

now I have a good internet but I'd always struggle to get my nattype open..
200mb download.

really good upload ( not 100% sure )
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Tbh i always have open nat type
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Yatch wroteTbh i always have open nat type

Restart your Xbox which I'm sure you have done... Reset your network configurations in the settings of your Xbox.

Restart your router

Port forward on router for your xbox.

If you need help, pm me
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