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Im kind of a clean freak so I try to avoid using public restrooms at all cost. (I even carry around a thing of hand sanitizer, you can never be too safe when it comes to your health.)
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cannot use a public toilet so grim
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I try not to use public toilets but as my dad says: "the asshole is in charge, not you."
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Like you I was always picky, but not it's, I'll go where I want when I want lol.
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Most public bathrooms are disgusting. I prefer to take my #2's in my own home. If I have to piss I don't care where it is though public bathroom is fine for that.
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Never took a shit at school, nasty restrooms. Will at work though. Nowhere else besides home and work
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I don't care about using them but to a certain extent.

These bathrooms in Canada are sometimes to bad to poop in.
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I mean I will hold it until I absolutely have to go right then and there.
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I use to hate using public bathrooms, but the older I get the less I honestly care.
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yeah i dont like to use it either, cuz its dirty
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