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King wrote
Are you assuming I leave my house? All jokes aside. I'm very picky on where I go to the bathroom. If i'm not home I'm not going to the bathroom.

Serious question so do you use this?
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I just lay toilet paper around the whole toilet seat, like to layers then
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As a UPS driver, I will piss in a bottle so I can avoid going into a public restroom.
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i only pee in public bathrooms, the only way im poopin is if its about to fly
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Only way I'll ever go in a public bathroom is if I'm feeling really explosive. I usually just clench for a few minutes and then release it when I get home. I don't even go in my friends houses. I got issues dude.
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I hated taking a dump in the school bathrooms.
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Home or my nans is the only place I'll go. Never in public or a friends house.

Idk why lol
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FGE wroteAt first I was the type of person to never use a public bathroom,
Would always wait to get home and try to hold it,
But as life progressed I would say work got me out of that habit and now idc n go wherever

So my question is..... Are you picky about your poop place?

When you gotta go you gotta go.. don't shitting yourself tho
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I used to be picky about where i went but now its DO or DIE once that feeling hits .
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I used to be when I was younger, now I just dgaf
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