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Club Penguin is closing downPosted:

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Club Penguin Closing Down
Can I get a #RIPClubPenguin in chat?

The Disney-owned game will stop existing in its current form in March, with a new game called Club Penguin Island being launched purely on mobile.

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R.i.p the days where i spent hours making new accounts becuase of getting banned for bypassing the word fliter. Those were the days
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never played but enjoyed the memes of people getting vanned for absurd phrases
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#RIPClubPenguin :'(
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Yeah heard about this on Twitter when FaZe Apex tweeted it out on Twitter. Never played the game but looks fun I guess.
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More of a Binweevils player myself lmao
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I guess no one can use the "insult" of saying "1v1 me Club Penguin" anymore.
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YoVille was better.
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