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my tablet isnt compatible with hulu? ):Posted:

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i bought this tablet. [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]
when i went to download hulu from google play store, it said hulu isnt compatible.
also, on netflix, i cant download anything. like, you know how you can download stuff from netflix now on a mobile device..? well i guess netflix doesnt count this tablet as a moblie device. not only can i not download anything from netflix but theres not even an available for download category.
this tablet run adnroid lolipop and im not very educated with operating systems. but ive been told lolipop should be able to run hulu. now im scared to buy another tablet. but i want one ))): please help
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Send me a pm
I'll try help out.
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Hulu is compatible unless they changed it within the last two months, my wife has the same nextbook.

As for netflix downloading, i am not 100% sure about that, only ever really did it once. Any further questions PM me screenshots of the error you're getting or post them here.
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Download a android application called mobogenie basically a free Google play store and install Hulu through there. I did it when my phone didn't support VUDU and it worked like a charm
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Use kodi instesd man. pm me and ill help you set it up
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