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Whats Your OG Gamertag??Posted:

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Looking to see what kind of tags people have on here! Leave it below!

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Cashed. $$$
Wouldn't call me og I just like money you feel me.
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Vpple... I know it is not "OG" but its as close as i could get to Apple lol
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My gamertag is Clack
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Ukraine, Clinic
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Skits, Hindi

Not that good. Also I don't consider em OG. Better than nothing though.
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Not OG but it's Countor.
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Descend. Not gonna list all my tags nor my main however this is one of the og tags I own.
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Entire , its whatever i guess lol
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Barbecued Ribs, I love that one. Xbox Verified is another one, it's mostly just a cool gamertag than og one.
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