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Eighty Eight Customs | Logo DesignPosted:

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One of my buddies is rebranding his business, he is a custom shop for liquid vehicle coatings and vehicle accessories.
His services include everything from interior and exterior trims to wheels to full paint, dip, or flex.

Here is the logo concept I made up!

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Feel free to leave opinions as you see fit!

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It's a relatively safe logo design.

I feel with logos of this nature, hand drawn custom lettering would have been ideal but skills like that don't come easy lol.

Not sure how to solve the issue of the red triangle going behind the T.

Anyway, nice one lil pops
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I don't like how the red triangle extends downwards into the bottom word, other than that it's nice
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Put a stroke around the text select the stroke and delete from the triangle layer. i feel like it would look cleaner. I'm not a big fan of the typography i feel like the font should be different. besides that its very simple and clean, and the color scheme pops so well done. Gets the point across
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I have to agree im not a big fan of the font, but overall looks nice enough.
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I like the font, gives it more of a "sporty" look imo.
Where did you get the idea to incorporate a triangle out of all things?
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I dig it! Pretty clean and well laid out. 9/10 <3
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The customs text should be brought down below the red triangle and moved to the left slightly, so that the 't' goes between the two 8's.
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