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  • Winter 2016
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Really good app on the UK App Store called "Make sound" can download and listen to songs offline.
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I use mostly Spotify, and Google music. Even thought I have an iPhone, those two apps work the best for me.
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  • V5 Launch
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i recommend apple music it literally has every song and album, if your looking for free apps try youtube nah try spotfiy, sounds cloud etc
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I've used spotify for years and only found a handful of artists that aren't on there, it's becoming less common as time goes on too.
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Pandora has always worked the best for me. If you need 3 month VIP pass for free, hit me up. It'll be totally free of course! :p
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Deezer on my jailbroken iPhone 6s Plus. Got a tweak that allows me to have Deezer premium for free
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I'm using Apple Music, Tidal and SoudCloud.
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