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2016 Xbox Year In ReviewPosted:

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Last year Xbox ran a cool feature that allowed you to see your 2015 year in review. I created a thread regarding this then which can be found by clicking here.

Well... They have done it again! You can see your 2016 year in review by clicking [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]

P.S - Safe to say my dad plays my xbox much more than I do...

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Risk Urban Assault Leaderboard:
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Feel free to post your results below and compare how you are with the rest of the website.

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Thanks Dale didnt get to see this lol
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I'll take top 6% as it was actually me getting the achievements DALE! Mr. let my dad do it for me while i go out and patrayyyy.
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I did pretty well but not as well as you!
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I'm on mobile but decent stats from me I guess. I need to earn more gamer score in 2017. That will change lol.
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I did a fair job I guess. If there were better games tha were worth playing, would've had earned more gscore.
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Good find man! Didn't think i played FIFA as much as i do...
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i never knew they did this im gonna have a look now
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