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Family Guy or South Park?Posted:

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Which one is your favorite?

South park or Family guy?

I perfer Family guy, it makes me laugh everytime i watch it.
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South Park is my personal favorite between the two
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i like family guy more than south park
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More of a Family Guy myself.
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I like both but if I'd prefer South Park.
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Well Family guy all the way broo lol i like peter laugh Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh lol
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South Park HANDS DOWN.
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Most definitely family guy. I like South Park but prefer family guy more.

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South park all way

Use to love family guy and american dad but there dead repetitive, watched almost every episode though so that may explain why ???


South park
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I haven't watched either in a long time but I prefer South Park since they writers aren't afraid to go to far with the jokes.
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