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Whats something you regret doing?Posted:

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Let me know what you guys and girls have to say.
What is something you regret doing in life that you can undo today.

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trusting my ex-girlfriend.
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Doing bad In school. I would do anything to reset that.
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Trying to kill myself over a girl 6 months ago. Dont do it ever, never worth it as your life is much more worth it than any women. Ended up at a behavorial health center for 14 days.

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Not taking high school as serious as I should have. I still graduated but I had to bust my ass my senior year, instead of just doing good the first 3 years and have a relaxing senior year, I had one crazy senior year.
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Motto: sticks and stones my break my bones but i hate myself so much that your words only reinforce the things i've already convinced myself of
Buying Call of Duty this year
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Beating the shit out of a kid in 9th grade for making fun of my house flooding, ended up with 6 months of probation for it.
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My cat.
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not appreciating people or things enough and giving to much attention to other people or things which wasn't worth it
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Befriending snakes.
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