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It's out guys it's outPosted:

  • V5 Launch
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Wahooooo guys let's kill this

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Xbox (11-03-2016)
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Been playing for over an hour now
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What time zone are you in
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it just came out HERE IN THE UK
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SO PUMPED RIGHT NOW, first things first, play in private match with mates to see which glitches still work haha
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Will be copping mine very soon.
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  • E3 2016
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Hopefully can get a copy on PC.
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  • Christmas!
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been playing since this morning even thought it isnt fully out for me(na east coast)
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Add me
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Been playing since 11 am UK time on ps4 gutted for you lot but people are already boostingredients on it there's already nearly a 2nd prestiger
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