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Trying to think of a name for YT/XboxPosted:

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Hello I am looking for help thinking of a name for YT/Xbox I play and make videos of mostly COD and would like a better name to go under than what I currently have please help with any ideas you have!

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You could just go with any name, don't try to be "OG" and be something like

Mixed Rasins, Trust Damage, Etc.

just try to find a name you genuinely enjoy, Then you could always make your Youtube name

Example: my gt is Hey, so my Youtube would be, HeyPlays, or if your gt is just that genuine, you could just put your gamertag as your Youtube. You don't have to go fancy with your Youtube name, people don't judge your url.
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Can you give us a word to go off of or something you like.
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Okay, how I think of this and the best way to think of. Make a name something to do with gaming perhaps?

As your TTG name is (ahhHaydn) why not choose your XBL Gamertag > Haydn or Haydnn?... and for your Youtube Haydn?
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Could do with some clues like your name, what you're interested in or favourite sports team..
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Well just don't try for an "OG" tag cause you'll get something that looks a lot like gary busey, however if your TTG username is available I'd snag that looks clean and ect.

My GT: Psilosibyn

mines not "OG" but it's close and looks clean, also fits in w/ my life well.
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This is too broad
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