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Well with my anunal visit back to ttg around the time when cod comes out, I noticed I am officially a 5 year member on here. I remember when all I would do here was try to get modded lobbies on cod 4 and I use to enjoy it so much when it was modded, while now I get to enjoy a clean version of it. It's crazy to think how much of a person I have become compared to when I first started on here, and how drastically my life changed in these 5 years, but anyways, enough rambling , happy 5 year to myself!

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Congrats on hitting 5 years lad

See you at 6
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Congrats on hitting 5 years buddy
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Grats, five years is some time see you at six !
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Congrats on your 5 years on this site, see you at 6 years sometime soon.
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Congrats on 5 years at the site.

Welcome to the club.

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Nice job on sticking around for five years bro!
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Congrats on 5 years man!

See you at 6.
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Gratz on 5 years of TTG man. That's a long ass time if you ask me. Stick around
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Congrats on 5 years bro. I'll be joining the 5 year club tomorrow!
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