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UZI's 5th Gold Giveaway has endedPosted:

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What's up everyone! Doing my 5th GG.

This giveaway is for users over 250 posts. Past winners are not eligible to play. Hopefully, this will make new users become more active within the community.

Past winners


How to enter
Name a place you'd like to visit in the future. Post a pic if you'd like.

Winner will be chosen in 24 hours
My Sixth giveaway will be only for those who have over 350 posts so be sure to contribute to the TTG community until then.
Winner will be chosen using
post #= entry #

Thanks and see you guys later

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I'd like to enter. The place I want to visit in the future is San Diego. As of right now I have plans to go next summer. I want to see how it is there and see how life would be sense I really want to move there.
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I'd like to go to Sydney, Australia some day
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I would love to enter, a place I want to go in the near future is Niagara Falls. Have always dream of it, just simply beautiful.
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can i still enter since im like 30 away. I would love to go to Alcatraz
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Count me in I would like to visit Hawaii one day.
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I would really like to visit times square just because of how cool it is.
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Even though tough connections with Cuba I would still love to visit it, smoke a cigar and explore it.

Wouldnt post as picture.
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New Zealand to see Hobbiton.
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