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Growing A Turtle - Foam Edition!Posted:

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Hello citizens of TheTechGame, today I have found out a new revolutionary way to get millions if not zillions of views on Youtube, Twitch or any other video platform you may use. I am here today to show you my current stream that is going on right now. I started 10 hours of this stream on twitch and I will be finishing the next 62 hours on youtube. I feel as if moving platforms was a great idea and I can only expand my opportunities moving from now, without further ado, I present you 'Growing A Turtle - Foam Edition!'.

Twitch First 10 Hours
This is the start of the stream, and it progressed greatly within 10 hours, but it still has not peaked!!


So you may be wondering, how can I view on the rest on youtube? Well it's easy just click the link below!

Growing a Foam Turtle LIVE

I have decided to switch platforms, as I feel youtube is better suited for this and my thread had to be removed/reposted since it was in the twitch section!

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Oh yea! It's turtle growing time
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Awesome stream. The progress is coming along.

Make sure you watch this so nothing goes wrong.
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This turtle is gonna grow up to be such a good ninja.
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