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Bosses Gold Giveaway!Posted:

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Gifting 2/2 Lucky Members
All you have to do is post below why you want/think you deserve gold.

Rep & Thanks Are VERY Appreciated But NOT Required to enter Into this giveaway!
New Month New Start, Goodluck to all.

The Following 11 Users Say Thank You to Boss For This Useful Post:

The-Professor (11-02-2016), Vial (11-02-2016), Kawhi (11-02-2016), Adamu (11-02-2016), RaeSremmurd (11-01-2016), Xyloph (11-01-2016), Schizoid (11-01-2016), MEMlS (11-01-2016), KyloCrux (11-01-2016), Xbox (11-01-2016), Rodent_Modz (11-01-2016)
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I would love to enter. I'm entering because I love having gold. I love messaging everyone over the IM system, having the colored name to support whatever month it is, ie. Breast cancer awareness, as this month it is national caregiver month. It also makes you look better when running a shop.
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I would love to enter i can always use gold and gift alot of others who deserve gold
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I would love to enter as I love being a gold member. I'm really active and friendly :') I also enjoy instant messaging.

Lastly it makes me stand out in the modded lobby forums.

Thank you for this.
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I would enjoy entering for a chance to have gold. I've never had a good account, so having one would get me out of the dark on a couple of things. Aswell as learning more about the site. I mean, as a normal user, I've never had the cool banners and the cool colored names. Nor any of the exclusive rewards that hold members have. I also, would like to use it as sort of a trial. To see if it's something I would or wouldnt like to invest in, in the near future. Thanks
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I would like to have gold to add on to my stack. I would say I'm very active around the community and try to help where I can. Thanks for the generous giveaway.

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Id like to enter Im active and try to help anybody when I can
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I try to help out as much as I can to all the people and host free modded lobbies for people on call of dutys! I could use this because I never ever want my gold out because TTG bae...
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not going to say i deserve it but i do enjoy having gold, + i want to set up a black ops3 zombies round 100 service
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i'm always active, i love to help people out, im mostly active in the modding forum but do check off topics and others every now and then, and i'm very helpful to.

i've never had gold before and i would love to experience gold member badge, coloured name, motto, signiture if thats how you spell it and gold forums. i would buy gold but i'm to poor and i have to buy KV's for my RGH
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