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How was your Halloween?Posted:

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Hey guys, just wanted to check in and see how everyone did last night!

I myself didn't go because I had far superior plans. I stayed at the house and waited for people to come to the house. Originally we dumped a bunch of bullets in a bowl and let kids take them but as expected the cops shut that down so we had to switch to candy. I bought 40 rounds of blank 7.62x39 for my AK, and when I gave kids candy I told them to run to their parents. If they didn't run I fired a couple rounds.

Over all a good night, no deaths and only one injury.

I guess I should clarify what I meant when I said we let kids take bullets before this eurputs into flames lol. These weren't live rounds, they were spent shells, and the bullets themselves (not in a case or with any powder).

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Im in France ATM and its not a thing here so I slept , it went well.
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Lmao I just updated my new xbox one i just bought
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I went to a halloween party on the 30th then I took my little brother out trick or treating last night, It was nice seeing him happy and spending time with him.
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I didn't do anything and forgot it was Halloween until it was around noon.
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Boring Af Lmfaoo did Nothin But Sleep
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Same as every other day as I did nothing.
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great. I played xbox still 830 then went to sleep.
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Mine was great I walked around with some friends checked out some prime ass, found the free hot dog and popcorn stand and just enjoyed the night.
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Just kind of rode around and looked at houses while trying to avoid spiderman from jumping on my car
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