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Am I the only one not excited for cod4 remaster?Posted:

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The "Modern Warfare Remaster" drops next week. Am I the only one NOT excited for it?
Graphically, the game looks AMAZING! But imo, it won't be as fun as it once was when it first came out on xbox 360 / ps3.

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I guess you are the only one
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I think it may be like how Halo 2 remaster was for everyone, a lot of people will hop on it the first several months and then when it comes down to it only those who were the big fanboys will stay on it.
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I agree it won't be the same as back in the day playing it on Xbox 360. I'm still super excited to play it. A game from back when I was a kid is getting remastered. I'm hyped for it.
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Nah, I am not overly excited for it.
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I couldn't careless about the game coming out, its just one huge nostalgia trip. Im glad people get to replay their favorite game whatever but they really don't see what they are doing in support of the new cod. I wish people would open their eyes a bit more, but thats people unfortunately.
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I'm not that excited for it because I'm not buying that infinite shit to play it. Battlefield 1 is far more superior.
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Nah, it wont be like the 360 days its all about the battlefield 1 for me haha
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Never was a huge fan of first person shooters until Waw maybe MW2, and don't like the way COD is now. If they sold the game separately I would consider buying it, but right now no way.
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Bah...last CoD worth attention was CoD 2, so nope...big nope.
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