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  • V5 Launch
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What is everyone's most time played game

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Xbox (10-28-2016)
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  • Tutorial King
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Probably call of duty waw or mw2 lol
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  • Shoutbox Hero
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  • E3 2017
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My most played games right now are GTA V, and BO3
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  • 1K Rainmaker
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Call of Duty 4

Around 1500 hours of ingame time not including private matches / gamebattle matches.

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I don't know how many hours I had on League of Legends when I played but I know it's over a thousand. My next closest is CS:GO with 1020 hours, then Garry's Mod with 670 hours. After that it would probably be MW2 from my Xbox days, and also Minecraft.
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  • Christmas!
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Smite on the Xbox one with a recorded time of 2,000+ Hours.
Also fun fact, i haven't missed a daily login in about 8 months.
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  • Winter 2016
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Call of duty mw2
Call of duty blops1 & 2
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Between Xbox 360 and pc I have over 3000 logged hours. With Mine craft. Wells lets just not talk about it.
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Maybe call of duty advanced warfare-loved that game.
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