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Power supply help needed +RepPosted:

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Recently my power supply fan keeps revving up randomly even when Im barely doing anything on the computer, it has never done this before (had it for at least 3 years now) it is also emitting a smell every time it revs up not sure what the smell is but I can only assume it is a burning smell.

It is definitely coming from the power supply and my PSU is definitely powerful enough for my PC so I can only assume it is coming to an end.

I am going to replace it, can someone tell me which of these two PSU's are better as the more powerful one is cheaper and im not sure why?

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Also is semi modular cables or fixed better, currently I have fixed.

Any help or advice is appreciated, will +Rep useful responses. Also my PC is yet to crash and has only been doing this for the past two days, should I maybe leave it for a bit?
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Have you looked at your PSU? What PSU do you have? How long have you had it? What are the rest of your specs? We have very little information to work with here.

Take your PSU out, see how it looks, clean any dust from it and try it again. It could be dying, but it might not be. If it is, neither of those PSUs you linked would be a good choice. There are significantly better alternatives. Modular is better than fixed. Fully modular is better than semi. Modular cables means you can get custom sleeved cables or replace any cables that break(not that it's very likely to happen). Modular is also significantly easier to work with since you just use what you need, no loose cables lying around in your system.
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I would say your safe with the 650? but can you provide the specs of the PC?

Semi modular is better for airflow in the chassis, its tidier and you can get custom cables if you're concerned about aesthetics
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