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Madden NFL INC **Looking for 2 Replacements!** Great LeaguePosted:

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Hello ladies and gentlemen, Madden 17 is here! And this great league needs you! So lets get right to the chase I guess, my whole purpose in posting this is in hopes to find a replacement who is as energetic, competitive and fun to be around as my current group of guys. Last year a buddy and I founded a new and improved Madden league, named Madden NFL INC. Last year was a huge learning experience for us as we have struggled to find a solid group of guys here on the Xbox One. Our goal is to have a somewhat sim style league without having a 5 page rule book and controlling the way people play 100%. Here is a little bit about us and our league, We are a 16-man league, 8 in each conference with a maximum of 3 per division and minimum of 1 per division. Our main source of communication is the free app, GroupMe. We also have a paid league website through DaddyLeagues. And newly required is a free Twitch account. This year we have made lots of new improvements! Including the new Owners Association President along with a new position, a Rules/Infractions Committee and President formed up of 2-3 members. There is also one other new addition this year that unfortunately I am not allowed to disclose on here or I will get banned, so just contact me to find that out haha $$$. Rules are kept up with, league members are always listened to with opinions and things of that sort. To give you a little history of our league... We have been running leagues since the Xbox 360 days where we were privileged to have an amazing group of guys in which we always played 10-12 seasons with. Once Xbox One came out we lost a lot of those guys to PS4 and other life things. Last year we decided to start from scratch and found this new league. It has been a constant struggle to find a awesome group of guys, although we are almost there. The missing piece is YOU! Last years league went awesome and lasted about 6 seasons, we are looking for 10+ this year with out a doubt. I can assure you that this league is fun, friendly, competitive and full of great experiences. Some quick things to note for you about the league... There is a limit of 4 trades each season. It also is a DAILY advance league and ADULTS ONLY 18+. Meaning we do play 1 game a day. I am currently seeking someone to be our 15th & 16th member!!
We are looking for a replacement member to take the Giants (previously owned), Redskins (Previously owned) or Eagles. Also need someone to take the Steelers (previously owned), Bengals or Ravens.
Now is the perfect time to join as season 2 is just ending! Hurry get here for the offseason! If you have any questions at all or you are interested in finding out more about our league or even interested in getting put on the signup list for this league please message me on here or xbox live, my gamertag is DaDdyL0nGs7r0k3 (THOSE ARE ZEROS). Thank you so much for reading about our league and I look forward to hearing from you.
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