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Anybody else think this game has some major problems?Posted:

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Firstly the lengths you have to go to in this game to get a free kick is f*cking mental you need to break your leg ffs found myself shouting REF in FIFA 17 more than I have over the whole time I had FIFA 16 fs hahaha

And the fact your strength on the ball is close to 0 makes it nearly impossible to run past defenders...
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I feel the same way, I cant try to outrun the last defender because he either outruns me or out strengthens me. when ever I try to defend, they either outrun me or out strengthens me.

Maybe I just suck at defending. every time I counter attack and go against two defenders with three of my attackers, I always end up giving a bad pass. I press Y for through ball and they stay back and start running after the ball is long gone. I press A ,then they are running ahead as if its a through ball. its so annoying but there is no better feeling after scoring lol since its so hard to score
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I like physicality of this game, I have Diego Costa that bullies defenders like he should do in the game as he does in real life where as someone like Diouf/Wilson etc can't be tackled and contained quite well and won't out strength majority of the time, much better than pace whores destroying it.
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I don't like this fifa, it is more bullshit then ever
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I like it to be fair. On Fifa '16 they call a foul on literally everything, so I like it the way it is right now. Keeps the game flowing nicely, but the refs can be inconsistent on what they call.
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