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Should I do this?Posted:

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I have a youtube channel. And I'm trying to find my Niche

Should I make videos With NBA 2k17 and Mafia 3 ?
Or does it matter?
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Play what you enjoy. I personally think you'll get way more views with Mafia 3. Maybe do a let's play series or something
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Just do your thing, if you're funny asf then that's good. I think personality is more important than the game you play. I believe they're both new releases, so get recording some content!
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Make whatever videos you want, it's the personality and look that get's you more viewers.
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Play whatever makes you happy, don't do YouTube for views because it will not work. Play what you enjoy, share your enthusiasm about how much you enjoy it and the views will come.
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If you have a good personality and a quality mic with great content you will start to see the subscribers coming in.
Good luck with your channel.
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You might not get a lot or views or anything but all that really matters if it makes you happy and you enjoy what you are doing!
Good Luck With Your Channel!
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Do whatever you like.
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You'll get the best out of your own content when you do what you enjoy.
That's part of being a YouTuber, doing what it is you enjoy and having fun while doing it.

Lots of YouTubers upload different types of videos and their content varies heavily, so go for it!
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Do what you want m8
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