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Anyone remember when TTG...Posted:

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Anyone remember when TTG used to be crazy active? There used to be like 2 new off-topic posts a minute and now there's like 1 an hour haha IDK what made me think of this but I did so
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yea i remember those days, crazy to see a post within 15 minutes of eachother.
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As time goes on, some people just don't enjoy what they once did. Same goes for everything, not just this website.
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Yeah man. Time changes things. Still the most active gaming site I've seen.
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Well I think mainly alot of the reason TTG has been inactive was because ppl came to TTG for modding and now that modding is closely coming to an end so is TTG.
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Yea was mostly mw2 lobbies that had people come here and that's slowing dying out just like call of duty for me imo was blood up to bo1 then went downhill for me haven't played a call of duty title since last loading my ps3 up to play mw2 and cod4
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Yeah, I remember when TTG used to be active, when I used it more than I did before any other time, hopefully it'll become more active very soon.
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Back in my day! - Jokes aside i know what you mean
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I remember the good old days of the cod 4 modding etc when it was booming in that section
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i remember those days too. i honestly kinda miss them
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