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What is your Hardest/Favorite or proudest accomplishmentPosted:

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heyy guys in life anything can be a accomplishment depending on the person themselves such as if someone has a certain phobia and they got past that themselves. it could be anything but i want to hear what your answer is to my question.

Nothing is ridiculous because im sure accomplishment always mean something to us reguardless what anyone else says or thinks which does put us down sometimes but that is no reason for it to copletely destroy someones feeling about something.

ill be editing or replying to this post in about 20 hours to see what everyone has been saying cant wait to hear whats coming

Heyy guys its me with the edit lol ive heard lots of great stuff if you have any visual memories which you can share such as a video of ur accomplishment send it me ill repost it on here if you wish to share with us.

Heres mine!!

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I'm proud i didn't follow in my family's footsteps and finished school and looking towards college, its been a year since iv'e been out but i'm getting a job so i can start soon

I'm glad i don't have to be on Welfare,SSI, Ect.

I want to be better for my mother and not be like my other family members.
In debt, living off the government.

Don't get me wrong i love my family i just don't agree with the way their living, it feels bad to have to get handed everything in your life.

i want to have a successful job and earn it all on my own.
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Becoming a manager at 18 then quitting my job to rank up at my new job to be making a whole whopping $4 an hour more
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I am scared of hights but I managed to get to the 2nd floor of the Eiffel tower.
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Motto: "He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life" - Muhammad Ali | RIP G.O.A.T
I'm proud that I help as much as I can. Nothing else gives me the a better feeling than knowing I've helped someone.
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Getting over the fear of heights is the best feeling ever
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when i became ttg mod

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Probably when I landed my first ollie then my first kickflip. Felt pretty good.
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When I passed my course in college to progress on a higher level, I was so impressed with myself, which made me to go forward onto a higher level at college, towards University
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I finally broke 130wpm.

(sorry for the huge picture. I have a 5k monitor. Things that are small on my screen are giant on others)
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