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700 repperino'zPosted:

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Well, today I did something so amazing it's mind blowing I hit 700 rep. Thanks to all the shoutbox users and meh friends. Now my next goal is coming soon, well you see the next step is world domination with my partner suhpose as president of the usa who has billions $$$$$ and lyttle as prime minister of canadia oh and almost forgot mortar my secretary. NOTHING WILL STOP US.

thanks list
mortar & everyone else

thank you

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Nobody even cares. Your just a bad zombie player.

GG on the rep cute xoxo
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Congrats on 700 rep.

Glad I could be the one to give you the last little 150 you needed.

See you in the shoutbox buddy.

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Congrats dj dude GG on your 700 rep. See you at 800 rep sometime soon.
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Congrats on 700 Rep!
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Congrats bro you deserve that keep it going!
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Grats on 700
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Congrats on 700 prod

I'm better than you at rocket league :troll:
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Gratz on 700 rep real Prodigy. Ayy lmao.
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congrats bro.

its good seeing you receiving what you should.
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