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What is up guys Joosey Fruit here letting you guys know that I have started a team and this time I think ill go a little extreme. First let me explain the team name ( Joosey) .. at first I thought of changing my gamertag to Joosey Fruit cause it sounded nice and it wasn't taken I thought " Nobody in the who world thought of spelling "Juicy" like "Joosey" and when I repeated it several times .. lol I instantly just thought of a bunch of fine Latino girls saying and emphasizing "Joosey" . Like literally you can picture it in your head . But anyways so then I thought I'd be a joke to make a team out of it . I thought .. how many people will actually change it too Joosey _____ . " Can I get 5 people , and then 10",and so on. So I made a Youtube and I thought I'd be funny to have strippers or any type of stripper thing on and around the logo. And remembered a goo website i use to edit photos and I did it . I didn't want to put too much stripper material on the channel and have it not okay for kids to visit and stuff and didn't want the attention focused on that . So before I began telling you what I will do , the name will be Joosey and only the people that seek opportunities as a positive outcome will rise with me to the top . Negative people will turn their backs for simple reasons like the name or the channels graphics , or will find some type of reason and those who say "*bleep* it lets do it I love the outcome" will be there with us making history doing things we NEVER thought we could . I know a lot of people don't like reading but I had to type all this and I hate both . So and another reason I specifically wanted it this way is because when we make it I want to come in the league brand new and some really unique . Not like all these rappers now a days . They all sound the same and I personally in general and real life am unique and do unique things and look and dress unique . So lets get into it ..

So basically here's the story and deal . I moved from New Orleans to Portland Oregon about 3-4 months ago I got a job I'm getting paid 2-3x more than I was in LA so that gives me a chance to get things not only do I need but things I want . Okay so crazy story on how I got up here but I came up here with a use to be friend . And long story short he taught me what Murphy's Law of Attraction was and I instantly thought it was bs . But when we finally got here we were in the shelter and before he went to bed he said " I will find some non-slip shoes tomorrow one way or another". And I told him "I'f you get those shoes tomorrow then I will believe in "MLOA"( Murphy's blah blah blah ..) anyways the next day he so happened to find a pair and I was like wow dude like I freaked out with happiness . So one of the days a chick had asked me for a cig , and I gave her my last one . I didn't think about saying no I didn't think about being a dick I gave it to her , 15 mins later i found a whole pack .. Murphy's Law of Attraction ! In case you didn't know what it means it means " What you give out, you will receive" in both positive and negative . now I wont get in too much about that I don't wanna bore you. The same day I was telling him " Man we gotta get some smoke(weed) before we go in" and so we were on a hunt and i said " We will find some and we will make it to the shelter on time" and before you know it we walked past the bank and I seen a dude pulling out some and I asked him if he wanted to trade some snaps for smoke and he was like " haha nah man , here , you can have it" gave us a whole gram for FREE ! MLOA because I felt so deeply in my heart that I was gonna find some I did . Same thing with him because he truly believed he was gonna get those shoes he did . And the only how you can use MLOA in a positive way and get what you want or need is if you 100% believe in your heart that it WILL happen whatever the case is. As long as you second guess it or have negative thoughts like deep down its not gonna work . It wont . And that's where it feels like it's bs but its only your fault because you didn't 100% believe . And I'v used MLOA my who way up here and look where its gotten me . So anyways this is the plan for the team .. and if you comprehend anything I just said then those will join others will stay dazed and confused .

So here's what it is i'm not gonna say how and tell you the method I am going to do to have our very own game house because I don't want anyone getting ideas . That's how confident I feel about this . So I made the YT so basically the team is formed now all I need is a Co-leader . Age limit on EVERY division in the team . To keep everyone happy and to be openly-minded to what the young generation can bring to the table . Me myself I'm 18. So for the divisions I am going to have over 7+ so everyone can fit in happily and comfortably so its not just focused one one thing like sniping or Call of Duty. So here's some of the divisions I can think off my head but as we go I will find new and different divisions therefore leading to more and better opportunities.

Competitive Sniping: Also involving SLB(SniperLeaderBoards) what I grew up on playing Xbox . 15+ years to join . You would also have to send in your most recent clips to me thru social media , email . YT. or Skype when I make one. But I want your most recent and they have to be CLIPS that means you hitting 3+ more in the game .It has to have okay quality to view.

You must have a mic for ALL divisions !

Game Battle: Also dealing with MLG( Major League Gaming) 18+ years . Why ? Because you need to be able to travel . Also send in clips .

Content Players: Basically means you give off content a video for people to be entertained by . This division includes any game . Games form Minecraft to COD I dont care what game you upload as long as its interesting and not making people wanna change videos . Age for this division can be OPEN. I wont judge a kid of their age because people can do anything they put their minds too . And so I ran into and seen a couple kids doing their thing and it wasn't too bad .

Graphic: Both need to make a logo or intro .
Editors: I am willing to pay permanent recorders and/or editors I don't know how much dealing with bills and what not but if anyone is willing to be a team recorder or editor you're more than welcome you can change your name if you want too .

Knifers and Pistoliers: I don't care if you just make clips knifing or pistoling as long as you have clips I don't care . The main subject is giving the audience something to return for . Age OPEN

Trickshotting: Same thing send me clips and I'm looking for a Leader , some divisions have their own leaders but me I'm overall leader like in a cooperation business . You send in your clips I will choose the leader. ALL leaders must be 18+ for any division . Then you can then either make a separate channel if you want but make sure you add the MAIN teams Youtube and start recruiting and making your team but for any leaders is choose don''t get too comfortable cause I can kick you faster than I put you on . I don't tolerate disrespect or stupidity I will kick immediately . I focus on being positive and making it being the next big thing and I can't have negative people along on the road there . Because that negative energy will bring the team down and we will loose our chance and that would suck . Tricshotters age 15+ make it a little less annoying for the leader.

Feeding: AGE 15+ basically send in your clips and stat feeding . Everyone in the clan must have some type of capture card . Not your phone a real capture card . You can get an easy-cap for like 12 bucks . And I want you to give off some challenges every so often . Like try seeing how many nukes can you get or try getting 50 kills with a C4 in a game or something . Just be creative . Everyone be creative .

And that's about as many as I can think of .. But I'll come up with more or maybe you guys can give me suggestions (Email)but my plan is to take this team to the top I wanna actually put more time into gaming which I can now and build up on of my projects in life . I say everybody bash on you about being successful , well you never told me I had to take a specific route so why not make hundreds of thousands of dollars of of YouTube and gaming .. and see me I do other things too I make music sing , rap , act , write , act , all kinds of things . And i have dreams to major in the medical field and Criminal Justice but for right now I gotta do what I gotta do to be successful and I also want to open up a Louisiana Cajun Seafood up here I wont go into details on that . And my main focus is being successful and making money . I'd rather take an easy and non-less reasonable route and that is things I love to do . So just know that ONLY the MLG players will live in the game house everyone on the team is welcomed but as far as living just MLG that's why I say you have to be 18 to join . And we will legit build our own house and those who wanna make even more money can come work at the restaurant . And I'll end it there don't wanna go into too many details . I am currently looking for members of all divisions . Also leaders for TS , Sniping and a co-leader(18+) for GameBattles which I am in I play GB so I need a so-leader since I'm leader . And I'm not the best player but I will get better over time my gaming is sorta Bi polar and its on and off one minute I could be going positive 10 next day I'm going negative 6 so .. but I haven't been able to play much is why , i'v been working but im bout to leave this crappy ass job and get on at a cable company or grocery they pay graveyard better .So i'll be able to put in time . And the reason im so confident about it is because MLOA is real in a negative way you can use MLOA is by creating worst case future scenarios and that's called jinxing yourself. SO that's basically it i'v talked and just hurt my wrist typing all of this so I can't wait for it to pay off oh guys I will make this team multi console later on the line . And I will get a one just right now i'm starting on 360.

To contact me i'm on xbox 360 my GT is Joosey Fruit and to send me clips email me @[email protected]
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Why joosey though? Bit of a weird name for a team but anyway
Ent got clips cos just came back but got loads of leading experience with known teams and some underated
Holla me dude
Trickahotter btw
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Because like I said at first it was a joke for a solo name then I thought of it as a bunch of women emphasizing "jooseeeey" and it was just a whole scenario in my head but thats why and but add me on 360 Joosey Fruit we can talk more .
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