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Solid State Question!Posted:

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So I currently have a 4TB WD Black HDD And its barley to 1TB So storage isn't an issue but Ive heard that SSD's improve loading times on games and vastly increases performance on your operating system. So I'm only planning on putting my operating system(Win 10 Pro) and maybe BF4 On the SSD But I wanna know what size you guys would recommend? I was thinking a 240GB?

Also as for a second question, I do a lot of photoshop and Video Rendering so would a SSD Help if I ran those programs off the ssd?
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An SSD will 100% improve your performance on your operating system and games will also load alot faster.

If you save programs straight to your SSD ( for example Photoshop ) this will also increase performance.

I would recommend install your OS and any games / programs you use often straight to an SSD.
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I currently use a SSD just for my OS and then a separate hard drive for games/programs etc, imo all programs run perfectly fine, and if I have space, I install games on my Solid State, making them load specific things even faster.
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An SSD would definitely help with rendering (video) and photoshop.
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Just be sure to get an 850 evo or pro. Best SATA 3 SSDs on the market
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