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When did TV's become so cheap?Posted:

  • E3 2016
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I was browsing online for a new tv when I came across the prices. A "42inch 4K Smart TV" costs around $300-$400. Like, when did they become so cheap? Normally, these tv's go for like $600-$800.
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As development and production cost come down, so does the retail price. It's just because they have become more efficient at producing 4K tvs and monitors now.
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I'm glad they're cheaper, 4K is becoming the new 1080p and all that gucci stuff.
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Cuz we get gucci things on the low now
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im looking to tsee the 60inch 4k samsungs to drop below a grand. i love them curved uhd ones
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As the production increases, learning to use less for the same result price drops. Stated above everything is being made more efficient now for 4k and UHD displays/monitors
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Don't complain, less money spent for you lol
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Yeah I was surprised when I've seen this in my own eyes. Looking good, can't really complain.
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Damn that is pretty cheap.

I'm due for a new tv so I might have to look into that more.
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Dude hmu with a link, the U.K. is still like super expensive for 4K TVs, why are us island people always so slow with the get go
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