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Whats your motivation to keep going?Posted:

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Alright, so I have been going through a lot more than a normal 19 year old should. I am 19, have a 10 month old daughter, and live with my girlfriend. I have really severe Crohn's Disease which effects my intestines, my stomach, my kidneys, just about everything inside of you, it also causes me to have severe neurological problems. I have recently been tested for Colon Cancer and they had found something in my cat scan that looks like it could be cancerous. I meet with a surgeon on the 14th. Due to all of this I am out of work and have been struggling financially and it has been very rough. I have been having quite a bit of support from members on TTG including Jay, JRT, Rodent_Modz and a few others and I thank you all for that.

So back to the question, what is your motivation to keep going? What gives you the energy to keep going? I have been fighting depression lately and could use some new things to try.

For me, I play video games, it makes me feel like a kid again and I enjoy it very much. Also my daughter, I love being able to take care of her everyday.

What makes you keep going, what is your motivation?

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the rep fairy gives me motivation
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Keep your head up and stay positive man, things will change around!
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Damn man, I really hope things turn out for the better for you.
I understand that life can get hard and seem unfair at times. I've had my fair share of bad roads.

For me I look at my fiance, we live together and everyday I just wanna do better for her and keep her as happy as I can.
Shes the love of my life and I wouldn't want it any other way.
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My business ( i do trees and landscaping with my uncle) my mom and mygirlfriend all give me motivation. And having a fat pocket always keeps me happy
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My animals

it always makes me smile when ever i know all my animals are happy and healthy
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Its good to see that no matter what has happened toyou, you are still motivated to carry on
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True motivation is honestly something very hard to find in this world, wouldn't we all agree? In your predicament is a very harsh, brutal, and unforgiving one. I honestly have no real answers for you on how you can achieve motivation or happiness to keep pushing forward. I myself am a religious person so my mind set is different from those who are not. My motivation comes from god. I don't want to go into to much depth but if you would like to know more than please do message me. Happy to discuss it.

But the best thing you can do for yourself is to keep pushing forward, keep fighting, and keep the ones who are a bright encouragement close to you. Cause those are really the best ones to give you the motivation and strength you need. It's VERY hard to do it by yourself.

I want to let you know you're in my prayers, and I hope things turn out the right way for you, keep your head up like Lost said.
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Honestly man. The shit you are going through at just the age of 19. The strength you've shown to keep fighting is inspirational to me. Which is why i have and i will try my best to help you out. So far everything is looking good. You've had a run of luck these past couple days haha.

But what's keeping me motivated right now is knowing i'm helping a friend in need. If it was me i would of probably given up a long time ago. Just keep fighting bud Stay positive and strong. Not just for you but for your little family.

The mention/thanking me was not needed. I just seen a friend in need and i could help a little.
I wish you all the best mate. You know where i am
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Your motivation should be your daughter man, but best of luck with your troubles, I know you'll find a way through
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