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Looking to Become More Active on TTG any Advice?Posted:

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Hey Everyone,

I've been on TheTechGame for a while now as all of you can see, but I'd like to become more active. Anyone have any advice on how to help me out?

I want to get my post count and my rep up!

Thanks everyone!

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There's not really any advice I can give, but I can try!

Go there, and I'm sure you'd like it! Most active members are usually in there.

Just post around and stay active in the forums! Keep involved with the discussions.
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You can start by posting more to get your post count up
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Just start responding to new forum posts. Usually a pretty good way to get active.
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Pick out a few sections where you check out everyday. Post there, interact, make friends, add value, create meaningful topics.

I would also recommend getting active in our community shoutbox.

I would be happy to talk to you at any time. Just let me know if you ever need anything!

Now, go find the subforums you can call home.
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I posted around a lot I do to get the X amount of posts. Just simply post around the forums that interests you and you'll reach a post count milestone's. It's a grind to get where ever you want. Badges are more on a tough scale than just posting. It all takes time man. Also to add, the more you post the more you get Rep. 25 posts equals - 1 reputation Power. Good luck!
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Awesome thank you guys for all the awesome advice!

Hoping one day I can have a good share of posts and badges
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Just find forums that interest you and ones that you like to check everyday and post in them. It could be asking for help or giving help to another user, really anything if you can relate just post m8.

Pretty much just try to stay active and maybe check out the shoutbox sometime.

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Being an active community member depends on one thing, and that's your dedication to the site.

If you don't care, you probably aren't going to be as active. Nobody's advice here will help you, at all.
It's up to you to be active and to make an effort to be active. Post lots, be helpful, do your part, etc.
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All you have to do man is just find threads that interest you and reply. Rep is a different story, some members like to go into the Shoutbox, ask, and get it but personally, I don't think you should be one of those guys. It's a lot better when you work for it.

Just do what you can, I see you already have the gold member+ badge, setting yourself apart from everyone else, I like it.
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