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Introducing myself which isPosted:

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Yooo to finally introduce myself the name Seun but people call me sketch as you can see from the username

I thought I mite as well join a calm community that has the same hobbies like me biggest example of them all gaming lol I'm on ps4 play a lot of NBA2K so if your the same hit me up! Oh yeah I am a big anime and always looking for new anime to watch so if u got any that you can suggest no romance anime plz lol. I got a Youtube channel as well vlogging my average life in London lol plus games,

Anyways I'm new to this type of world so hopefully I can know couple of cool people..

yeahh that wraps it up


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hello sir

welcome to thetechgame
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Welcome m8.

Make sure to read all of the rules.

If you have any questions just send me a message.
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Welcome to this site Sketch! Stay active as a member and see you around the forums. Hopefully to see you in the PS4 forums sometime soon. Forums/f=348/playstation-4-games.html Myself not a fan of Anime but some members on this site are. I'll see you in the Youtube Section. Forums/t=7616150/the-official-che...hread.html
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Welcome to the community mate!
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Welcome to to TTG.
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Welcome to the site bro. Be sure to read the rules.
If you ever need graphics done for your YouTube, shoot me a PM.
Enjoy your stay.
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