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It's Your Boy LtSkull13Posted:

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How's it going fellow Brotherhood, or sister, I don't judge.

I make commentary videos... I made a few cringy lets plays so I'm sure won't forget me soon. I really want to improve my content, get feedback and entertain

My uploading schedule might differ at times, but quality over quantity is what i strive for.

Please check out my channel. Tell me if you want me to improve on something or just want to say hi. And if you wanna play games with me... Don't be shy lol... [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]

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Xbox (09-26-2016)
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Welcome fine sir

Hope to see you around in the near future

If you need help with anything be sure to send me a PM and I will help to the best of my ability

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Welcome to the community.

Good luck with your channel.

See you around the forums.
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Welcome to the community be sure to stay active and read the rules!
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Welcome to the site bro, good luck with you channel.
If you ever need some design work for your YouTube, PM me anytime. I'll be happy to help.
I hope you enjoy your stay here.
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Welcome to TheTechGame LtSkull13.

Feel free to find me any others in the shoutbox.

Also please check out the rules.
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Welcome to TTG

pm me if you have any questions regarding the site
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Welcome to the site

enjoy your stay

any questions feel free to pm me
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Whats up?
Welcome to the forum.
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I've never seen a commentary channel on youtube
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