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Two years as staff (Kind of?)Posted:

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Just looked at the time on my laptop and realized it's sort of been two years since I was added to the staff list on here.

I haven't been very active around here lately and I blame my senior scheduling but it's mostly Saki's personality keeping me at bay.

Thanks to the following things:
Marky Mark
Marky Mark's mom
RedJ's new flame retardant house
NOT naggy
Okay yeah naggy
Suhpoops dumb face
Suhpoops kind soul
Other people I know
Everyone I've upset over the years
Everyone I've offended over the years
Everyone I've reprimanded over the years
Marky Mark's mom x2
Totinos Pizza rolls

mfw posting
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Congrats kind of...
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Congrats always great to have someone like you as staff! Keep up the good work hope to see you advance higher up! Thanked and rep.
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: When the **** did we add this feature
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Needs more office snaps
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Love you too Scizor
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Congrats sir

Also grats on 400 as well
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I remember when you boobson and mark were promoted.

Those were some dark times......
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Thank you for your wonderful contributions to our community, sir.

Congratulations on this milestone also.

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