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Aloha new member here!!Posted:

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New member here and looking for some people to play some battlefield 1 when it releases. Gt xbox one: rG ka0tikhawaii

The Following 2 Users Say Thank You to rGka0tikhawaii For This Useful Post:

NinjaActually (10-09-2016), Xbox (09-26-2016)
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Welcome to TTG . I hope to see you around the forums
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Hello sir

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Welcome to this site, stay active and see you around the forums. PM me if you need anything.
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Welcome to the site.

Make sure to read all of the rules and stay active.

Message me if you ever need some help.
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Welcome to TheTechGame
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Motto: Won't be as active as much for some time, drop a post on my wall if you need something. Lobbies are officially closed until further notice. Just need a break from here, :)
Welcome to TheTechGame.

Enjoy your stay.
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Welcome to the site friend! Please be sure you read the rules! Hope to see you around!
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Whats up man, I assume you're from Hawaii?
Pretty cool to see other people from Hawaii on here as I only meant 1 other person.
What island are you on? I live on Kauai, North Shore.
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