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Decided to do a quick cartoon of myselfPosted:

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I was bored and decided to do a simple pen tool cartoon of myself, it took about 5 mins but I like how it looks. Opinions appreciated.
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Looks good for using the pen tool, try using illustrator next time. The outcome will be alot better and the curves will be a lot smoother.
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Definitely could use some improvement.
The edges are too sharp, try curving it better.
Cartoon effects are one of my favorites too see.
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Some improvements could of been made before uploading this, but I know what you're doing here. Looks good. Keep doing it you'll get there.
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The lines are awfully crooked and you don't have a face?
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It's ok but I wish there was more facial features.
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Such outline.
Much pen tool!

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Lines could be more defined but overall pretty good way better than I could do
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im puzzled it's like you just selected area, fill, selected another area, fill..
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