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What will you be buying on Black Friday?Posted:

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I know we're like 2 months away from Black Friday, but what do you have your eye on? What do you plan on buying?

I have my eye on a couple things:
-Smallville seasons 1-10
-iPhone 6s Plus / iPhone 7
-4K Smart TV
-The Flash season 1-2
-Empire season 1-2
-Power season 1-2

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I am looking for a solid tv for my gaming room.
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Things im gonna be looking for

Elgato capture card
New monitor (mines just blew out and i'm using a old one i had in storage)
New TV for my room

Maybe a job over the black Friday weekend. They usually have openings for the holiday events.
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i will probably look for a 4k monitor
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If I don't get a new TV before it then yes, a 4K TV would be nice.
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isnt that in like 2 months? Lol what

But when it does come around probably a nice monitor, ill also shop around for bike parts. Im more of a cyber monday kinda guy, PC parts are in my future.
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Probably looking for a 4k monitor
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Ill be looking for a nice TV and then probably just some smaller stuff
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New monitor.
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I've literally gotten everything I need right now except a new PC.

Do you guys reckon you'd be able to snatch a good PC from black friday?
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