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YouTube Forum Rules - Read before postingPosted:

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YouTube Forum Rules

General Rules
    TTG has a set of rules that cover the whole forum please find them here

YouTube Forum Rules

We do not allow the following to be posted:

  • Topics offering goods/services and/or selling accounts.
  • Topics solely linking to websites, images, videos or other material without any commentary from the topic creator.
  • Recruiting for networks (MCNs) is not permitted.
  • Asking for subscribers (Sub4Sub). You are to only use the official SUB4SUB topic. Box4Box will be allowed as that is a form of collaboration.
  • Do not intentionally bump your thread. Threads may only be bumped when you have new information of value to add to the thread.
  • Creating multiple topics with the same content.
  • Topics about botting.
  • Topic titles with ALL CAPS.

Please Note the Following

  • Remember that the YouTube Section is a community and we are here to give and share advice and in the process create connections between YouTubers. TTG's YouTube Section is not a self service view website and won't create miracles for you, promotion always comes second here while genuine discussion and collaborative efforts always come first.
  • Make sure to read all stickied threads and take notice of the rules listed above, they are there to help you.
  • Get to know others here by remaining active and abiding our rules. You can become a part of our community by just getting involved and making clean posts.


  • Offending members will have their ability to create their own threads disabled if warnings and/or rules are not followed.

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