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How do I build a gaming server for home usePosted:

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I would like to build a dedicated gaming server for home use only. I have 3 laptops at home all running windows 7 and 8 and currently loaded with different games. To run any particular game, the laptop loaded with that game has to be free. Instead of living with this inconvenience, I would like to set up a dedicated server which will be installed with all games and home applications. The laptops at home will access the server wirelessly as dummy terminals to run the installed games and home applications with all storage facilities provided on the server. The laptops will be used for out of home usage only with internet connectivity back to home server for storing or retrieving data. Essentially, I have 4 kids who play games on the laptops at home and at times would like to play the same game at the same time. So I need a server to run these games wirelessly on the dummy laptops. The dedicated server will be the administrator tool to setup and install programs. Also, it will be a functional gaming PC to play games on a wide screen TV as such the server will have as a minimum a 6th generation i7 processor, 2x 4TB HDD (1 for mirroring) and a high spec graphics card, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 or above. All internet connection will be through the server which will be physical connected using an Ethernet cable to the ISP provided wireless router as the broadband speed exceeds 20mb/s. Alternatively, wireless connection from the server to the router could suffice. As an additional future enhancement, wireless remote management firstly from a home laptop may be required, and once set up, an out of home RM may be required. All printing will be wirelessly through the server. I am technically competent on stand alone units but anything regarding networking is still an unchartered area for me, things like upload speed, hosting, IP addresses (static and dynamic) and forwarded ports, I dont understand them so as such my server wouldnt require any of those as it will be home use only. The question is how to setup a dedicated gaming server for home use only, if it is possible.
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