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Gold Member Giveaway | Happy Labor Day | 2 WinnersPosted:

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Labor Day Gold Member Give-A-Way!

The last day of summer calls for a Gold Give-A-Way

Post the craziest/funniest/entertaining thing you've done all summer.

The winners will be picked using

Good Luck!

The Following 4 Users Say Thank You to App For This Useful Post:

Skates (09-05-2016), Tiffxny (09-05-2016), Cyrillic (09-05-2016), JRT (09-05-2016)
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Hey man, first off - thanks for the giveaway. This was very generous of you and I hope the same good karma comes back around and gets you nicely. You deserve it.

The most wacky thing I have done this summer is move to the U.S. to live with my fiancee. Doesn't sound too crazy, but from the bigger picture, it kinda is. I just recently turned 20 and it was quite a big crazy ordeal for both of us, haha.

Anyways, thanks again man. I'm sure I speak on behalf of all the community when I say thank you!
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I'd like to enter for somebody else that I could randomly pick if possible!

Craziest thing I've done this summer is skydived!
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Honestly, I can't post 90% of the things I've done this summer or I'll get banned. But to sum it up, I partied a lot.
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I haven't done anything entertaining in 6 weeks except play video games. So I guess that is entertaining for me anyway.
Thanks for the opportunity.
+rep and thanked.
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i tired anal
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Played bo3 without breaking a controller.

Gettin' wild out here son.
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What have I done this summer? Hmmm...

-Color Run (May)
-Logic & G Eazy concert (July 29th)
-Wiz Khalifa & Snoop Dogg concert (August 13th)
-Train w/ Andy Grammer concert (August 24th)
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I've been working all summer, graduated a couple years ago so I've been grinding for that paper.

It's been hard but it's worth it in the end. Thanks for the giveaway my dude.
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I'd like to enter as my gold runs out soon.

The craziest thing i did this summer was..... play video games
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