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I Highly Recommend This FREE SoftwarePosted:

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This Software is a free alternative to photoshop. The program is called Gimp and it is completely free to download and use. Your computer does not have to be beefy considering i use a 2010 iMac and it runs 100% fine. The program is VERY easy to use and can create some awesome artwork including thumbnails for youtube videos, banners, icons, photo editing, animations and many more! I highly recommend that you download and use gimp! Download Gimp HERE!

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CriticaI (09-04-2016)
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Thanks for suggesting this.
I will have to agree with you on this one.
If you are starting out with graphics and you don't want to drop a ton of money
or go through the trouble of cracking programs defiantly try gimp out!!
It has top-of-the-line features, amazing support and it is FREE!!

I few of my friends got this program around 5 years ago, and they still use gimp to this day.
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gimp is the first steps i took to become some what of a designer, i recommend it to anyone looking to delve into graphics!
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I used to use GIMP. God those were the days
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I started out with and moved to gimp then ps, i can tell you gimp is perfect to start with.
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Thanks! I never used it but I don't have a program to use right now so I'll check this out!
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