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Hello, I am a new member.Posted:

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Hi, I'm Reece 19 years old. I've been on this site plenty before so I know how it all works and what to do.

I'll probably be in the YouTube and CS:GO section. That's about it really

Fun fact: My profile picture was custom made for me

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Xbox (09-04-2016)
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Welcome to this site, read the rules if you already haven't Stay active as a member and see you around the forums. PM me if you need anything.
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Welcome Welcome!
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Welcome mate, see you around the forums!
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Welcome Hope to see you around have a lovely time
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Welcome enjoy your stay, if you need any help hit me up oh and add me as a friend! have fun!
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Welcome, enjoy your time as a member and we hope you stay active
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Welcome to the site.

Glad you already know your way around.

Come chill in the shoutbox with me and other members sometime.
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