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  • Christmas!
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Sup guys,
I just returned to TTG after a good few months so I thought why not kick it off with a gold giveaway!

To enter just comment anything.
Gold members can enter as long as they have 24 hours or less (show proof) or recommend someone.
The winner will be chosen by me.

+Rep and thanking the topic will not increase your chances of winning but it is highly appreciated


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as no one has replied i may as well,cheers for this
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  • Christmas!
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Thanks for the giveaway, I haven't been to active over this summer either, been busy doing things over the summer. But now that Im back as well, the best way I can think of coming back would being a gold member once again. When I left I had about 1/3 of gold left and didn't get to use it, so might as well enter. Thanks for the giveaway, best of luck to all
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I would like to recommend a user.

Also thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

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ill enter thanks
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