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Philadelphia Zoo lets US name the new baby gorilla.Posted:

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Last Friday at Philadelphia Zoo, Honi, a western lowland gorilla, gave birth to a newborn baby.

The baby is 21-year-old mother Honi's second, and the gender has yet to be determined, due to the mother holding her close.

In the coming weeks, as the baby's gender is determined, we will be working with our thoughtful and committed keeper staff to develop suggested names that we would like help from our community in finalizing. So please stay tuned - once we have names for consideration, we will let you know so that you can weigh in and vote for your favorite!

What would you name this gorilla?
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Kevin, I would name the baby Gorilla Kevin.
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Harambe II
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Sir Harambe the second
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Harambe's secret love child.
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King Kong or Steve

Or Chuck the baby Chimp
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This was such a bad idea on their part. Was Boaty McBoatface not a big enough indication that if you let the public choose a name for something you are going to get stupid names?
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