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iPhone 6s 16GB?Posted:

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I have a 6s and am thinking about selling it. The phone is in good condition and I was wondering how much they sell for? Tried looking about but everywhere seems to be so different in price. Any ideas..
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It depends on Condition, What it comes with and if its unlocked. It's anywhere between £400 to £500 I would say.
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Going off recently sold, you're looking at around 400 dollars probably less though.

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On eBay they are going for $600. If you went somewhere in the $500 range I'm sure you can find a buyer.
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I'd say between $400-500 should be fair.
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It's your choice, but with experience a 16GB phone isn't enough space.

Now if you're only going to have maybe 1-2 apps & a couple of pictures, then you'll be fine.
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Value depends on how the condition of the phone is,if it's unlocked, etc.
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