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Why can't people believe thisPosted:

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Ok there is some controversy that sniperwolf had some or post nudes, and every couple of weeks someone says sniperwolf had nudes or did porn like WTF. Why can't nobody believe that sniperwolf might have not take nudes, why can't nobody believe that she didn't do porn, why can't nobody believe that a girl that looks like that actually like video games and can actually play video games. I don't get it not every girl gamer or girl did porn or take nudes or only play video games for publicity.

Why is it so hard for the gaming community to believe someone like sniperwolf is a good girl and isn't a slut or an e-girl, this is why girls that actually like playing video games and want to make YT channels or stream on twitch don't because, someone is always trying to find nudes on them or telling them that your only going out with this popular youtuber for their money. This is why there is no girl's or women playing professional COD, Halo, or any other e-sport because, they probably don't want to hear immature boys telling them I seen you on pornhub or that girl only got on the team by F*** the leader.

But really I doubt sniperwolf did porn or any of that stuff, some girl gamer's aren't sluts, some actually like playing video games and don't have their boyfriend under the desk playing for them. Anyway I feel like some people shouldn't always think that this girl playing video games is an e-girl.
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Yeah I heard about the whole situation. Its weird and strange and I really dont know who to believe. I dont doubt that sssniperwolf whatever is a "real" gamer because I know she is. I remember she called out "girlgonegamer" a few years ago exposing her as a fake and basically destroying her youtube channel. However the way that SSSniperwolf presents herself seems a bit over top for playing video games. Also she has pretty bad click baity as shit videos... Posting nude photos is quite common so whatever, doing porn idk. If she did it dont matter, I would not be surprised either way.
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I don't care for streamers especially most girl streamers because they usually suck and just have their cleavage out. All have "todays BIG D" and shit like that. They pry on lonely internet guys for money.

Like you can look at twitch and 80% of the girls are terrible "got into gaming when they were younger by their brother" and are literally just doing it for the money. Its ridiculous. I mean if I was a hot chick with massive tits I would do the same, more power to them but it is still wrong. Like just go on livejasmin or what ever its called.
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I did hear the news about SSniperwolf pornography images, well acting out that it was her images. The images belonged to her. That doesn't look like SSniperwolf at all in my opinion. The world is crazy when it comes down to these sort of topics to discuss. . Due to the fact in that photo it shown a necklace and it was the same necklace what SSniperwolf is wearing today like bruh just stop. Imao
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Though she has been exposed for faking gameplay. Keep living in your sheltered world
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They're videos online of her pleasuring herself. Type in her name along with the word porn and you're bound to find them.
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Bro have you seen her with out make up, I'm sure you wouldn't be defending her this hard if you did.

And the reason people don't believe, it's not that they don't believe there's this thing called trolls and they dont believe she deserves what she has, and has scum bagged her way to the top. So they are just trying to ruin her career.

I'm not a fan of her, not because she's a girl but because she has click bait tittles, does certain things for views hence more money for her. But hey 80% of big YouTubers nowadays are all about the money and will do anything to make you click on the video. So it's whatever.
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i honestly dont see why so many people care about this. its really baffling tbh
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