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People In SupermarketsPosted:

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Now, before I commence my rant, I would like to state that I'm not saying this is everyone other than me or targeting a range of people specifically. This is generic and if it angers you, well... you're probably one of those annoying ones.

Let me set the scene. You go into the shop initially happy and have a good idea on what you're getting. Maybe it's some beer for the lads, some cheese for a nice sarni, or some tampons for the lass, but you have an idea, right? BOOM! Someone cuts you up, oblivious to your very existence but you know what? It happens, so you carry on. You later find your item and it seems to be a reoccurring thing. People seem to be in the way and seem to have no idea you're even there. Maybe it's ignorance? Maybe it's stupidity? Well one thing's for sure... it's f*cking annoying. You should need a license or have passed a test to use a trolley or be in a supermarket in general.


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NinjaActually (10-10-2016)
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Oh man thats minor, I work at a grocery store. I could make a 100 page rant on how annoying and stupid people are that SHOP at grocery stores.

But on topic, being cut off does suck BUT were you going slow? I for one am a fast walker, my regular walking pace could be someones light jog pace. So for me when I see a ton of slow people I kind of "cut them off" because you know I got shit to do I have places to be I dont have time to wait around and shop. Im in and out of the store kind of person.
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BOOM! Someone cuts you up

Yeah that makes me so mad to the point I say "Who do you think you are, get back of the line" People are so disrespectful. I never go in Supermarkets but when I do this normally happens to me. I'm a faster walker btw...

Maybe it's ignorance? Maybe it's stupidity?

I think both.
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Yep its annoying af people have no manners at all.
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Seriously, this is tame compared to the annoyance I feel when I work at Morrisons.

I had a vegan ask me for a free 5p meat bag for her vegan sausages.

Sums it up
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Completely agree I also think these super stores like walmart should have lanes like street, people pushing carts are always blocking something or theres always one idiot going the opposite way of the rest of the carts in the same small lane, kind of like driving into oncoming traffic.
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Ya this happen a lot someone would be infront of the item I want to purchase with a massive trolley then I have to awkwardly look at something I am not buying.
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Gavin- wroteYa this happen a lot someone would be infront of the item I want to purchase with a massive trolley then I have to awkwardly look at something I am not buying.

is it that hard for you guys to just say "excuse me?"
most of the time people don't realize they're in your way. if they notice you looking at one of the items theyre blocking they'll obviously move for you, but if you're not looking in their direction how would they know they're in your way?
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Okay first of before I say this I don't wanna offend any cashiers or anything.

One day well it was a week ago my dad asked me if I could go to Aldi to Get some booze for HM and myself. Well I said yes of course so he gave me fiver and i grabbed my ID which is Passport. I got the booze I approached to this kid or whoever maybe a new guy who works there so before scanning the booze he asked my for ID. So of course I showed him my Passport and then somehow i don't know how most likely he got hit in the head by invisible rock and he said to me that he cannot sell this booze to me because my Passport is fake. I said to him fake? um I'm 19 mate it says clearly my date of birth and stuff so he showed my ID to the guy next to him that worked and he said yep its fake but in the living **** it's not. I should of asked for the manager but I didn't wanted to make a massive deal over some booze so I went to Lidl and the guy who sold my beer he did not even asked for my ID.
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My biggest problem with supermarkets OP is that I live in a small town so at the shop there is always only 2 cashiers open.

And it seems like I always decided to go to the shop the same time as the rest of the town.
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