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Havent been on this account in ages (look when i joined!)Posted:

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Holy shit //tooshortforthissite

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that avatar too dude

welcome back bro
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How come you've been gone so long and what made you come back?
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95% of your posts are purely Challenge lobbies and just other related CoD mod stuff, love it. Welcome back man. ;D
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I havent been on this site much either haha took a break for a while an came back to see what the craic was welcome back dude
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Wow dude, welcome back..that is one old profile pic 10th prestigeon MW2 xD
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Awesome to have you back man, love to see you become more active.
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Omg dude that is along time ..... Welcome back
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Welcome back, I just arrived several days ago as well.
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  • Christmas!
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Welcome back bro . The site has changed so much from 2011. Hope you stay longer this time.
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