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Long time no TTG!Posted:

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Has been a long time since I was able to connect to TTG, FiberOP ISP in canada wouldn't let me connect for some reason, changed ISP and its fine! hahah missed this site! hopefully I meet some of the people around I used to talk to and many more

Nice to meet you all

You guys will see me around the General Discussion/Forum Games/News/ and Vehicle discussion, for now. Getting back into old habits, will see me around site eventually!

About me: I'm a 20 year old male, I live in Newfoundland, Canada. I'm going to school in January for Automotive painting and Metal repair, I have a 4 month old boy named Benjamin, I'm a Gaming/Car enthusiast, and love to spend time with my new growing family.

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Welcome back to this site dude. Nice name you got!
See you around the forums a lot more then?.
Stay active this time and PM me if you need anything.
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Welcome back to the site :p

nice to see members returning again

hope to see you around
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Welcome back man. Hopefully see you become active and stick around.
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Welcome back.

Hope to see you around the site more now.

Come chill in the shoutbox sometime.

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welcome back man, hope you stay long <3
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